Kuishin Bo Authentic Japanese Buffet Restaurant

It has been a while since I café/restaurant-hopped around. So glad that exams were finally over, and it is time for a great treat! So my friends and I hopped by Kuishin Bo Authentic Japanese Buffet Restaurant to celebrate the end of our last paper.

Located near the Japanese food street in Jurong Point, the restaurant complements the overall experience of the Japanese culture. We opted for the “60 minutes lunch” which only happens from Monday to Friday.

We were greeted with a wide variety of Japanese food. From appetizers, cold dishes, sushi and lots of sashimi, desserts and many more. Do arrive there early as we arrived pretty late  (about 1pm) and half of the portions were all wiped out.

The best spread of sashimi I had so far. The luscious and thick piece of salmon sashimi is so inviting. Kuishin Bo also serves Tuna sashimi, Salmon Belly sashimi and many more. So sashimi fans, do check it out!

Sashimi slices accompanied with Chuka Iidako and Chilled Jellyfish

Now it’s my most favourite part of the lunch, desserts!
Kuishin Bo serves many kinds of desserts as well, pretty wide spread for the dessert component for a buffet I must say! They do have a Chocolate fondue for you to dip your marshmallows in too. Ice cream comes in 2 flavours, Matcha and Chocolate.

Overall, my dining experience over at Kuishin Bo was great, I am very much satisfied with the variety of food that they provided. Service-wise was ordinary, good enough for my expectations. I felt that the price point was a little bit on the higher side and probably would not have tried it if not for the 60 min lunch promotion. 
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