Selfish Gene Café

A very cozy café hidden in a busy area. It took my friends and I some time locating the cafe from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. We went there during lunch time and to our surprise, the café was not as crowded as we anticipated.

Weekday Menu
I find that their menu has a wider variety of choices for brunch as compared to the cafés that I have been to. Was pleased with the variety. Would have been great if there were daily recommendations since there were so many options to choose from, and I was spoiled for choice!

Brunch time!
My friends and I chose to have the Breakfast Plate and the Smoked Salmon & Eggs for Brunch. Generally, food presentation was a very pleasing sight to see. Neatly arranged and it looks delicious! We were secretly spying on the other tables to make sure what we were expecting. :)

Breakfast Plate
Personally, I tried the Breakfast Plate [$15]. It was served with scrambled eggs, a pork sausage, sautéed mushrooms, cherry tomato confit and thick toast. Pleasing to see (with many different colors) and it smells good. Food temperatures were just right, I am impressed by the fact that the scrambled eggs came to me warm. I did enjoy the cherry tomato confit, the herbs brought out new flavours to the dish.

Smoked Salmon & Eggs
One of my friends tried this dish [$15]. Similarly to the Breakfast Plate, just that it was replaced with smoked salmon. Feedback from her was favourable, overall a great meal. :)

All in all, the experience at Selfish Gene was favourable. It would be a great place to come on a lazy afternoon to grab a nice cup of coffee and to read a book. 
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